Walking through Klang is like living in a Gorillaz music video. The sun shines through a still, cloudy film of grey haze, buildings, shops and cars are a tetris of falling pastel plaster and metal. The ruins of old industry and suburban streets is reminiscent of the seventies, although that very landscape of Chinese and Tamil eateries today is nostalgic of its absence at that very time.
Walking from the maze of shops, hotels and flats surrounding the golden mosque on one side of the Klang river to the railway station on the other is twenty minutes of surveying the lives in the belly of the country which keeps the urban pillars of Malaysia alive.
The rebellious angst of a hidden people is seen on the river walls, decorated lavishly yet meticulously with graffiti. The very  middle-class, earthly vibe of rusting and new cars alike parked in monotonous long rows along the base of four-storey closely packed matchbox houses is strikingly different to the traveller’s eye, conditioned to the modern aesthetic of Kuala Lumpur.
What I will remember of the place is briskly crossing the bridge over the moss and filth veiled shallow streams of the river, in which the reflection of the sun setting over the horizon of emerald and umber trees between the two mosques shimmers in harmony with the maghrib of the evening.

DSC00109 - Copy
Prints – https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/srobonagd/klang/

Playlist for Klang
Kano- This is England
Gorillaz- Revolving Doors
Gorillaz –Feel Good Inc.
Jacob Banks – Worthy
Kwabs- Perfect Ruin
Tigran Hamasyan – Lilac
Ibrahim Maalouf- Beirut


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