Never will I envy more

The graceful gait that breathes into eyes sore,

Life, in this world devoid

Of beauty and in this schizoid.

Can’t you see, through your noble half-lid eyes

My worth that in your presence dies?

The feline sway as your pristine feet tread,

Lady legs in sweet motion led by a head

Of cerebrum which my own hurts to see

The genius in you I can never be.

The deep learned words from your parted lips

Make mine jetsam from your thousand ships.

The learned brow pavilions deep set eyes

And curves into cheeks like Himalayan highs

Further to serene valleys below,

Chin and neck from ground Venus did herself sow.

We lock eyes and we laugh at the jokes I tell

Yet our words from mouths cannot spell

This horrid hate with which I unfold

the admiration that in my heart for you, behold.


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