Heads and Tails

A decision can be made with the flip of a coin. Each outcome can lead to very different events when the right cannot be made out from the easy.


“Hey, did you get an honourable mention?”

“Erm, no. Oh, yah, congrats.”

“Hahaha, thanks. Never expected the Honourable Mention. Okay, I’ll see you later.”


She always knew it would be like this. They would walk away and she would be left alone. It had happened before and she didn’t want it to happen a second time. But, it did. She was the oldest there, but her virtual rank in the MUN club was inversely proportional to her relative age. She was good, but not good enough, that vague face who didn’t really say much. Nah, she never won prizes, she just wasn’t one of them. The EB knew that but didn’t want to be rude. They had let her stay on. She would not turn up in the name roll for the next MUN, it was obvious.

So, she stood in the darkness of the MUN dance on the last day, wandering aimlessly while the awardees and honourably mentioned delegates laughed and danced. This was her second time in the exact same situation. The first was from long ago, but this was a part of her future. She didn’t want to think of what would happen when she saw their faces at school the following week. She should have backed out with dignity when she had the chance to. It should have been a dismissive shrug and not an ashamed sneak from out the back door, like a thief in the night. She should have known. She had known all along, but had not been ready to accept it when she should have.



“So, it says here that you have attended a MUN.”

“Yes, the VH-MUN.”

“That seems to be the only one on the list.”

“Yes, by the time I had been selected to the MUN club at DPS, I had realised that MUNning wasn’t really for me.”

The silence that seemed to grow from the paper in the admission tutor’s hand engulfed the room. She was about to hesitantly explain further but decided to hold her tongue.

“I see. Were you involved in any other extra-curriculars while at school?”

“I did stand for a position in the Student Council.”

The college official went over the words on the paper which she now knew by heart. There was no mention of actually winning the post. He moved on to the next subject in his list.

She exited the room seventeen minutes later, walking quickly. Thoughts flooded her head. She wasn’t sure if she should have mentioned her only MUN experience at all, but was certain that if she wasn’t selected in the end, it won’t be only because of a single MUN. While she didn’t pass out with top marks or a good web of connections from high school, she was happy that if anyone did recognise her name in the future, it wouldn’t come with memories of a lonely and slightly mediocre girl hovering around without a purpose.


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